Getting Smart with Money: Outrageous Generosity

This is a very busy week, so I’m going to keep it short with the focus where it should be this holiday season—on being outrageously generous. Here are three articles I found this week that you might enjoy or find useful.

1.     Waitress at Michigan Restaurant Couldn't Believe Her Tip
If you’re going to give, why not make it over the top? That’s what a group of friends did this holiday season when they pooled their resources together to give an unsuspecting waitress an outrageous tip for serving them well. I liked this article because it shows just how powerful giving is—not only for the recipient (who was so excited she could hardly breathe), but for gift giver as well. The givers were so moved by this act that they plan to make it an annual tradition.

2.     Anonymous Donor Pays off Walmart Layaway Gifts for 200 Families
First off, I’ll admit I didn’t know layaway was still a thing people did, but this article reminded me that many people can’t afford to pay for their Christmas up front without assistance. An anonymous donor (only known as “Santa B”) paid off Christmas layaway gifts for almost 200 families at a Pennsylvania Walmart this year, to the tune of $40,000. His gift will definitely brighten many families’ houses on Christmas morning.

3.     Gold Coin Worth More than $1,300 Dropped in Red Kettle
I love stories of eccentric folks who do good deeds, and this one does not disappoint. An anonymous man wearing a hospital mask dropped a solid gold coin into a red Salvation Army Christmas kettle in Maryland, helping offset lower-than-average donations. The Salvation Army helps the least among us, and this generous donation will no doubt go to help those in serious need.

One of the best things you can do with money is use it to help others. The holiday season is a reminder that we all have the potential for generosity and to bless others. No matter which holiday you celebrate, I wish you one filled with all the joy and peace of the season.  Let me know what you think about this week’s articles. I love hearing from you!

- Shay