i can make it less taxing.

Almost nobody likes taxes, but they must be filed (and paid) so you can keep the government off your back and sleep soundly at night. Whether you have a tricky tax situation that needs expert help, or just want the peace of mind of having a professional prepare your income taxes, I can help you stay in compliance.

Areas of Focus:

  • Individual income tax preparation and tax planning
    • Federal and state/local tax
    • Sales tax/property tax
    • Payroll tax
  • Small/closely held businesses
    • Single- and multi-member LLCs
    • Partnerships
    • S-corporations
    • Schedule C filers
  • Tricky situations
    • Adoption/education/energy tax credits
    • Employer stock grants/options
    • Rental properties
    • Marriage/divorce/domestic partnerships
    • IRS correspondence
    • Getting back into compliance