What I do:

I provide personalized accounting and tax services to individuals and businesses, as well as personal financial coaching to those looking to get their financial situation in order. Click on any of my areas of service to find out more. Or feel free to schedule an appointment to see if I am a good fit for you. 

what i don't do: 

  • Attest services (audited and/or reviewed financial statements)
  • Legal services of any type
  • Sales of securities or insurance products

However, I will gladly refer you to trusted professionals who can help you with all of these items.

a note about my fees: 

I keep my fees as reasonable as possible, and, because I am a sole practitioner, I have minimal overhead costs. This means you, the client, are not paying for me to have a fancy office, drive a fancy car, or have a fancy administrative assistant to answer my phone. This also means that you, the client, will not be offered a fancy coffee drink or a fancy leather chair to sit in when you come to my office. Hopefully you find this a fair trade-off.

That being said, quality work and specialized experience costs money. I appreciate prompt payment and no haggling over my invoices. I will provide you with an upfront estimate for any services you engage me to perform. Depending on the scope of the service, this will either be a flat fee (such as tax preparation or accounting services), or a reasonable hourly rate (such as financial coaching, research, or open-ended projects).