Getting Smart with Money: The Net Worth Edition

This may be an uncomfortable question, but here goes…
Do you have a system for tracking and monitoring your net worth?
The equation is simple:  your net worth is the number you get when you take the things you own (your assets) minus what you owe (your liabilities). If the difference is a positive number, congratulations—you have positive net worth. If what you owe is greater than

Getting Smart with Money: Still Confused About Tax Reform?

If you’re still unsure how the recently-passed Tax Cuts and Job Act will affect you, you’re not alone.  While most everybody will see a tax cut, the guidance and interpretation from Washington has been slow to come.
If you’re an employee, you may already be seeing slightly more money in your paycheck (although hopefully more than this woman) because employers have been issued new

Getting Smart with Money: The ID Theft Issue

Here are three articles I found this week that you might find useful, especially as tax season kicks off (and flu season hopefully ends).
1.  Five Things You Need to Know About Identify Theft and Tax Returns
Identity theft is a real and serious problem, but there’s also a lot of misinformation and mythology surrounding the topic.  Forbes tax author, Kelly Phillips Erb, lays out five straightforward facts surrounding this topic including some of the best advice out there: take sensible steps, not rash